Taxicab Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam Taxi

Amsterdam Taxi

Who are we ?

We are a small and dedicated group of drivers, formed about 15 years ago, and catering to the Amsterdam / Schiphol area. We have our own website and our own fixed landline (020) number.

What do we do ?

We offer our customers fixed rate trips to and from Schiphol. These trips are ordered in advance by our customers. They are thus guaranteed a taxi and also on-time pickup. For us, the advance orders make it easy to plan and also to manage busy periods very well. We also do regular city trips within Amsterdam city. Customers can communicate with Amsterdam Taxi by all options available on a smart phone. 


The registration cost will be approximately € 85,00 per month. This cost will also depend on the requirements of the municipality that the TTO needs to comply with.

What more can we offer you ?

For the ZZP'er (the taxi driver who wants to drive independently), we can act as your legal representative. In our model, you are completely independent without any risk for you or us

  • Discount on APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuren, the Dutch vehicle roadworthiness test), tires and maintenance of your car at Autoservice Osdorp and Autoservice Badhoevedorp

  • Discount on printing, business cards, driving cards, coupon books, etc.

  • Discount on your taxi insurance with one of the largest insurance companies of the Netherlands

  • Discount for a good accounting firm to maintain your books and records

  • Discount for car washes

  • Rental / Lease of a fully equipped cab when you cannot deploy your own taxi for whatever reason


For whom ?

For any driver who wishes to drive in Amsterdam / Schiphol. Thus, any driver who wants to represent a TTO that covers Amsterdam and Schiphol.


  • All conditions imposed by the regulator / municipality

  • Streetcar Exemption

  • Damage free and clean cars

  • Drivers who speak at least English and Dutch

If you like this and want to be part of the action, write to us at :